Life is too short to see only one color at a time.

Hi I’m Joan and this blog is an online extension of my creative pursuits.

The name Kaleidoscope Frequencies was inspired by a part of Grey’s Anatomy Season 5, Episode 12. In one scene, Derek’s mom, told her son that Meredith is the one for him because she does not [just] see things in black and white.

I’d like to believe my eyes see likewise. I see the world in colored lenses.

Yes, there are universal truths in black and white (and I’d also blog about them); but there are reasons behind red stones, yellow sunflowers, orange sunsets, and blue waters. Those reasons I try to learn as I read books, go places, meet-relate with people, and give back glory to the One who painted each hue into being.

I made this blog to render in words my rainbow-colored views developed by

  • my faith in Jesus Christ,
  • love for the Philippines,
  • important people in my life,
  • background in the arts and sciences of International Relations,
  • years in development and volunteer work,
  • new and old places that have stayed with me,
  • arts that have deeply resonated within,
  • and a whole lot more of kaleidoscope frequencies